Ocelot Festival 2021


Watch sessions from our Ocelot Festival from the comfort of your own home! All presentations will remain on this site until March 31, 2021.


Ocelots Part 1. Natural History 

Let's talk ocelot!

A nocturnal cat, diet generalist, and habitat specialist has quickly declined in the U.S.

Find out how these elusive cats are surviving along the edge of Texas. 

Ocelots Part 2. Conservation Challenges 

From habitat reduction to poaching to road mortalities, learn about the challenges faced by the ocelot population in the U.S with Dr. Hilary Swarts.

Ocelots Part 3. Techniques for Studying Ocelots in the Field 

A federally endangered species is close to extinction. Discover what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is doing to ensure a successful future for one of the last remaining ocelot populations in Texas.

Meet an ocelot and the people behind ocelot conservation!

Ask an Ocelot Biologist

Q&A Session with Laguna Atascosa's own ocelot biologist, Hilary Swarts! Hosted by Nicole Ekstrom, president of the Friends of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. 

Meet Sihil the Ocelot!

Meet Sihil, ambassador ocelot from the Cincinnati Zoo. Presented by Colleen Nissen, Senior Cat Ambassador Trainer, and Alicia Sampson, Cat Ambassador Lead Keeper.

How Zoos are Helping to Conserve the Wild Texas Ocelot

Breeding programs, fundraising, education, and research are just some of the actions taken by zoos in efforts to restore ocelot and other wildlife populations across the world. Learn more about these efforts with Dr. Bill Swanson of the Cincinnati Zoo! 

Fieldwork fun and How You Can Help!

A Day in the Life: Ocelot Research at Laguna Atascosa

Trek through Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge with our  Defenders of Wildlife Texas representative, Shari Wilcox in search of ocelots! Shari joins refuge staff and biologists to monitor these endangered wildcats and learn about their movements, habitat needs and health.

What can you do to help the Texas Ocelot?

Become a friend, a volunteer, or participate in events such as the ocelot festival to ensure the success of this species in Texas!

What is U.S. Fish and Wildlife doing for Ocelots?

Ocelot Translocation

Join Mitch Sternberg as he presents some general information on ocelots and the Ocelot Recovery Team, and provides some examples of wildlife translocation. The talk also demonstrates the value of good partnerships and open communication in the management of wildlife that occur in Mexico and the USA.   

A Growing Refuge

The National Wildlife Refuge System expands across 568 refuges across the country. Find out what this growth means for the ocelot population, migratory birds, and adjacent land owners with Senior Realty Specialist, Yvette Truitt-Ortiz.

Partners and Sponsoring Organizations

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