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This page is for kids of all ages to enjoy learning about the refuge and the critters that call it home. Visit often for activities, fun facts, videos and cool links to some of our favorite websites.

Photo of Sihil, 2018; credit: Darryl Styblo

One of our favorite Ocelots is Sihil. She is part of the Cat Ambassador Program at the Cincinnati Zoo and was featured at many of our Ocelot Conservation Day shows until she retired in 2018. We really miss Sihil's performances and her wonderful adult assistants. Lucky for us, the Cincinnati Zoo has a You Tube that showcases this beautiful cat.

Warning: This catchy little tune will stick with you for awhile! Written and performed by Lucas Miller, The Singing Zoologist.


  • Refuge open daily, sunrise to sunset. Entry fees are currently waived.

  • Steve Thompson Wildlife Drive (formerly, Bayside Drive), is now open to hiking and biking only.

  • Buena Vista Road is open. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 25 MPH!

  • Please do not drive or park on the dedicated bicycle lane.

  • Refuge walking and biking trails are open 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset.

  • Visitor Center is closed. Call 956-244-2019 for information.


Federal Mask Mandate on Public Lands

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