Kid's Korner Activities

 Virtual #OcelotFestival 

Meet Sihil, the Ocelot Ambassador!

Sihil is excited to meet you!
Join her in this short video and watch the artist at work. Scroll down for activities that you too can participate in.

Habitat for Ocelots

Learn all about Tamaulipan Thornscrub with Ranger Chris and find out why this habitat is important for ocelots.

Get the Look!

Join FWS Volunteer, Wanda Baird, in this ocelot face paint tutorial and rock colors of the 2021 Virtual Ocelot Festival!

It's Storytime

Join us in a virtual reading of "Lancelot the Ocelot," a story of a young ocelot living in the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Learn To Draw

Join Ranger Chris is this short video by artist and FWS Volunteer, Cecilia Sierra, and learn how to draw the elusive ocelot. 

Enjoy this high speed video of Wendy Hauschildt illustrating an ocelot. Feel free to pause the video to follow along with your own attempt of drawing an ocelot. 

Print at Home

Step by step tutorial on how to draw an ocelot!

Color your own
ocelot mask!

Print our your own
Ocelot Conservation Day Coloring Page



Click on the above to get a great Activity  Book from Defenders of Wildlife!

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