Land Acquisition Legacy Fund

A special way to remember a loved one or celebrate a special event.

This fund is set up to help us grow the refuge by purchasing land identified as key in creating a wildlife corridor in Cameron County and in connecting the patchwork of properties currently part of the refuge or in the process of being acquired. These properties are usually smaller plats but at risk of becoming developed rather than becoming sites for habitat restoration for many of the refuge's wildlife, including the Ocelot and the Aplomado Falcon. Smaller properties are generally not purchased by the various conservation groups that work with the refuge on land acquisition, and often the owner is ready to sell. The Friends can act quickly to close the sale.

Land the Friends purchases will be subsequently purchased by US Fish and Wildlife, returning those funds to the Legacy Fund. This ensures an ever-growing capacity for the Friends to help grow the refuge.

As of May, 2020, the Friends has purchased a total of 50 acres of key habitat.

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