Ocelot Festival 2021

Auction & Run  

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February 25-March 10th 2021

Virtual Auction

Introduce FLANWR and why donating and participating in the online auction is important for wildlife and specifically ocelots.

Explain how the online auction works and how people will participate.


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Contact for support

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Virtual Ocelot Run

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Contact for support



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  • Refuge open daily, sunrise to sunset. Entry fees are currently waived.

  • Steve Thompson Wildlife Drive (formerly, Bayside Drive), the refuge's 14 mile auto tour loop, is CLOSED to private vehicle traffic, bicycles, and pedestrians to protect endangered ocelots.  

  • Buena Vista Road is open. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 25 MPH!

  • Please do not drive or park on the dedicated bicycle lane.

  • Refuge walking and biking trails are open 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset.

  • Visitor Center is closed. Call 956-244-2019 for information.

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