Featured Volunteer: Carol

Species: Carol fantasticensis

Native Habitat: Mayflower, Arkansas

[Preferred] Diet: Fried catfish!

You can often catch Carol's smiling face at our Friend's Nature Store! She and her husband Dick are two of the Refuge's long-term volunteers that live and stay at the Refuge for several months. This is her second year volunteering at Laguna Atascosa, and Carol and Dick alternate volunteering between here and Pompey's Pillar National Monument in Montana. She loves getting to meet all walks of people and listening to where they're from. Carol has been a great help to the Refuge volunteering at both the Refuge Visitor Center front desk and the Friend's Nature store.

Questions with Carol

How did you get started volunteering with the Friends group and what do you like about it?

My husband Dick was interested in being a tram driver volunteer at Laguna Atascosa and it was such a nice location that we decided to come down here. I volunteered at the Visitor Center of the Refuge at first, but then started volunteering with the Friend's Nature Store as they needed help. We love the diversity of animals and birds....I can't identify most of the birds, but I still enjoy them! The wildlife and great camaraderie amongst the volunteers brought us back for a second year of volunteering.

What is your favorite flora/fauna of Laguna Atascosa?

The yucca. I remember seeing all of them blooming from the habitat tour and it was simply gorgeous.

What do you like to do when you're not volunteering with the Friends group?

I've been going to the free Tai Chi classes here in Laguna Vista, and I'm also interested in painting gourds.

Yucca photo: Cary Atwood





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